You Inner Goddess

Finding Your Inner Goddess

Now is the time to embrace your inner Goddess and step into your full power and potential!

You are a Goddess, why settle for being a Princess?

Strong FemaleFemale Goddess

What you’ll learn:

  • Discover how to connect with your femininity and embrace the beauty and strength inside of you
  • Find out how to bring positive, confident energy into your life and keep drama and gossip at bay
  • Master your emotions and bring balance to your life by realizing who you really are
  • Learn how to attract a partner who respects and deserves you
  • It’s time to step into your powerful Goddess nature and own it!

What’s included:

  • Workbook you can take home to serve as a guide and reminder
  • An intimate group setting with personalized attention and enriching discussion
  • Three meals provided throughout the course
  • A followup phone call to give you continued support
  • Access to an exclusive community of personal growth-focused people to continue your growth

Location: Los Angeles

Dates: June 11-12

Price: $777

Call (310) 907-6898 to enroll in this course!