Holistic You

Holistic You: Better Body, Better Life

An amazing life starts with great health. How is your health?

Create the body you’ve always dreamed of and start living your best life!

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What you’ll learn:

  • Learn how to decode the signals your body sends you and create your roadmap to lifelong health
  • Demystify nutrition with our simple guidelines and watch the weight melt off
  • Use our proven system to start breaking bad eating habits and see changes start happening in as little as one week
  • Figure out your body type and find the nutrition and exercise plan that works for you
  • Achieve holistic healthy balance in every area of your life with meditation and mindfulness tools

What’s included:

  • Workbook you can take home to serve as a guide and reminder
  • An intimate group setting with personalized attention and enriching discussion
  • Three meals provided throughout the course
  • A followup phone call to give you continued support
  • Access to an exclusive community of personal growth-focused people to continue your growth

Location: Los Angeles

Dates: April 30 – May 1 | June 18-19

Price: $777

Call (310) 907-6898 to enroll in this course!