Sex: Releasing The Taboo Weekend Course

Have the most amazing, uninhibited, romantic, and incredibly pleasurable sex of your life!

Do you want to take your sex life to a whole new level?

Sex Young Couple

What you’ll learn:

  • Learn how to make the sex between you and your partner more fun and spontaneous and break free of boredom in the bedroom
  • Discover how to tune into your sexual energy and share it with your partner to create a new level of connection you can really feel
  • Find out how increasing romance can be one of the keys to having your best sex life
  • Improve intimate communication so you and your partner can feel comfortable exploring your body’s unique “sweet spots”, and unlock a new level of pleasure

What’s included:

  • Workbook you can take home to serve as a guide and reminder
  • An intimate group setting with personalized attention and enriching discussion
  • Three meals provided throughout the course
  • A followup phone call to give you continued support
  • Access to an exclusive community of personal growth-focused people to continue your growth

Location: Los Angeles

Dates: October 8-9 | October 15-16

Price: $777

Call (310) 907-6898 to enroll in this course!