Masters of Mindfulness Tutorials


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This how-to video shows you how to navigate and use the live stream and on-demand meditations in the Masters of Mindfulness app.

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Inspirational quotes and explanations that help you make the most of the quote and really apply it to your life.

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Mood Tracker

Learn how you can use the Mood Tracker to practice mindfulness in your daily life, whether you’re at the office, home, or at the coffee shop.

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Gratitude Journal

Cultivate the power of positivity! Learn how to start your own gratitude journal and take it with you wherever you go.
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Soothing Sounds

When you are in a stressed or anxious mindset, take a break to listen to some soothing, relaxing tones to help your mind destress and get back to a state of calmness and clarity.
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Maze Game

The world’s first ever mobile meditation game. Get introduced to the benefits of mindfulness and meditation in an easy to understand way.
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