Monica Ortiz

Founder & CEO of The Exceptional Life Institute

Monica Ortiz began her career in mindfulness long before it became the buzzword it is today. As a self-education pioneer in the health and wellness field, she is an award-winning writer and author of Universe 101: Learn Grow Evolve and a powerful keynote speaker who has given multiple TEDx talks and spoken at a variety of institutions including the University of Southern California, Stanford University, and Google.

In 2016, Monica established The Exceptional Life Institute (ELI) with the mission of bringing self-education and mindfulness into the digital age through an ever-evolving array of life courses, apps, and easy-to-use content that can reach people wherever they are around the world. Keeping in stride, the following year Monica and her motivated team here at ELI launched the Masters of Mindfulness app.

As a successful life coach who has been teaching mindfulness and helping others become their best for over 20 years, Monica believes an extraordinary existence filled with happiness, love, good health, and success is attainable for everyone. 

Monica makes it easy to work on different areas in your life, spearheading all of the ELI courses she teaches how to create more success in your relationships, health, career, and overall personal growth. Her practical life tools and effective teaching methods have helped people from all walks of life, backgrounds, and beliefs achieve incredible happiness in both their careers and personal lives.

Monica's Unique Gifts​

Like all of us, there are many things that make Monica unique and special in her own beautiful way. One of the things that she likes about herself is that she is from a variety of ethnicities and says,

“The universe created me in this way so that I would understand on a very deep level that instead of criticizing our differences, we should embrace the fact that we are all related.”

Her grandfather was part Native American and taught her about the special abilities that would emerge from her throughout her childhood. When she was young, Monica realized she was different when she began to see, hear, and talk to spirits. Although she had been born into a family of seers, many of them did not support this ability. Growing up as a confused and tormented girl, Monica did not fully comprehend her innate gifts until her grandfather explained them to her and taught her how to use them for the good that they are.

Understanding that the gifts she thought were a curse were actually gifts that could help others was a part of her own evolution. Over time and plenty of personal work, Monica learned to further develop her gifts into skills that she could help others with – for this is what she understood her life’s purpose to be.

Today, her gifts of being a seer and spirit talker, and her role in energy moving and healing the body are as natural as a gift for music, athletics, or math. You can read more about Monica’s unique path in her first book, Universe 101: Learn Grow Evolve.

Monica Ortiz in Native American regalia
Mandala Painting

Monica's Creative Outlets

As a firm believer in practicing what you preach, Monica has worked to develop her creative talents because she knows it fulfills her personally. One of her passions is singing and although she was constantly told as a child to “be quiet,” when she sang, Monica’s voice was truly extraordinary. After working through her personal hurdles regarding this, Monica felt inspired to share her singing voice with the world. In 2018, she released a collection of lullabies specifically for the Masters of Mindfulness app, which you can find under the Soothing Sounds section. Using her voice as a tool, Monica sings in healing tones and puts a personal touch on every song.

Another form of creative expression that Monica enjoys is painting. Over the years, she has worked to develop her painting skills and has discovered a love for acrylics, oils, and airbrushing. To help balance her inclination to be a workaholic, Monica likes to paint things she finds interesting, from calming geometric patterns, and natural landscapes, to studies of the old masters.   

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