Everyday Power Spotlights Our Mindfulness App

On November 29, 2017, the Masters of Mindfulness app was featured in an extensive review on the inspirational website, Everyday Power. Below is a snippet from the article.

7 Simple Ways To Practice Mindfulness

Written by:Marla Banks

With so much recent focus on the depressing state of politics and the ever-increasing selfies of social media, I looked to my smartphone for some informational rehab. Although (at the time) I didn’t have much interest in it, I decided to search for a meditation app. After checking out a few of the options, I liked the look of the Masters of Mindfulness app and decided to try it’s 14-day free trial. Here’s what I discovered.

First off, the Masters of Mindfulness app’s design aesthetic is just like how using it feels, calming and serene. They offer seven simple ways to practice mindfulness in your life with whimsical icons. You can select between Meditation, Soothing Sounds, Mood Tracker, Gratitude Journal, Upspirations, Videos, and a Game.

The more I used the features of this mindfulness app, the more I liked it and seemed to feel happier on the whole. Using the Gratitude Journal turned into my little secret positivity weapon where I could write silly things like, “I’m grateful for sunny days with no clouds in the sky because they remind me of being a kid and playing outside at my grandparent’s ranch.” As simple as it is, writing these thoughts out make me feel good. Plus, there’s an option to share your quotes with others, with beautiful backgrounds and fonts to choose from.

Masters of Mindfulness_Everyday Powe

The Brand New Game

Another favorite of mine is the Game that this mindfulness app offers. It’s not the usual type of phone game you are used to; this is the world’s first meditation game, and it’s designed to help you relax.

From it, I have learned to practice the amazing 7-7-7 breathing technique. It’s just breathing in and out in succession and learning to hold your breath comfortably in between, which is actually quite simple. This easy practice does a great job to calm my mind and now I know to use it anytime I am having a hard time relaxing enough to go to sleep.

The well thought out exercises and serene style of the Masters of Mindfulness app make it fun and a breeze to use. With both video and live-streaming content, as well as cool stuff I can share, I really enjoyed the different features and found myself using it daily. I’ve learned that the app will always be launching new additions and updates, which makes me feel like the $2.99 per month investment in my personal growth is more than worth it. Now that I have (somewhat) become a master of mindfulness, I can see that using this simple practice is just like the muscles in our bodies that can be trained for optimal use and enjoyment; the more I practice mindfulness, the better I become.

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