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Exceptional Life Institute Has Released Their New Masters of Mindfulness App for iOS & Android Devices

The result of blending together ancient wisdom, beautiful aesthetics, and modern technology

Designed as "the world's most complete mindfulness app," it provides a holistic approach to cultivating mindfulness through features such as: guided and recorded meditation, mood tracking, a gratitude journal, inspirational content, relaxing sounds, and video interviews with health and healing practitioners as well as mindful living teachers.

Monica Ortiz, founder and CEO of The Exceptional Life Institute, explains, "This is the world's first complete solution for cultivating mindfulness. Meditation is a great practice, but for people not familiar with it, there can be a huge barrier to starting a mindfulness practice. By including simple and easy-to-use tools that help people become more mindful of their mood and their mindset, like the Mood Tracker and the Gratitude Journal, we have made mindfulness more accessible to people who want the benefits but are not yet familiar with meditation. The app has a lot of features so that it stays engaging and fun for people. Our goal is to help millions of people improve their lives through mindfulness and to have a real positive impact that changes things, everywhere, all the time, for the better."

Features of the New Masters of Mindfulness App

  • Weekly live-stream, guided meditations (a first in the mindfulness apps category)
  • Recorded meditations that users can listen to anytime in categories: Happiness, Destress, Confidence, Sleep, and Positivity
  • "Upspirations," quotes meant to inspire, that also come with insights on how to apply them to your life
  • An easy-to-use Mood Tracker to help the user become more aware of what affects them both  positively and negatively so they can become empowered to change it
  • A Gratitude Journal that makes it simple and fun to build a more positive mindset
  • Soothing Sounds offer relaxing, healing songs that help the brain destress, relax, and re-center
  • Video interviews with health and healing practitioners and mindful living teachers who share their advice on how to keep and develop a healthy mind-body-spirit connection

Users are given a 14-day free trial when they first create an account. Once the free trial period is over, users can choose between two reasonably priced options at $2.99/month or $29.99/year, which includes two free months as a discount, to continue using the app.

For less than the cost of one cup of coffee per month, you can give the gift of mindfulness to yourself (or a friend) for an entire year!

To learn more about mindfulness, what it is, and why the app was created, watch this video on mindfulness from founder Monica Ortiz.

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